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Why Is JavaScript Still Recommended For Beginner Programmers?

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Boris Dzhingarov
May 22, 2018

Boris Dzhingarov
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Technology evolved and although JavaScript is still not as prevalent as a few years ago, it is still the choices for many, especially beginners that just now start learning to code. This happens because of various different reasons we are going to highlight below. We will not mention some of the advanced topics related to JavaScript, like virtualizing applications, since we are focused just on why beginners need to focus on JavaScript first.

What is quite interesting is that many do not talk about JavaScript right now since they focus a lot on other programming languages. However, if you take a look at some of the most complex open-source systems available at the moment, including WordPress, you see constant JavaScript use. This is present in themes, styling systems, plugins and more. Why is that? Some of the advantages can be seen below.

Client-Side Processing

This is a huge advantage since it practically means the code will be executed on the processor of the user, not on a web server. Such a property is valuable since extra server loads are reduced and bandwidth is automatically saved. Sites created with JavaScript additions are faster as they rely on the end user, not on restrictions imposed by servers.

Simple To Learn

JavaScript language syntax is quite similar. It is actually really similar to English at a simple level. Developers thus find it very simple to learn JavaScript. In fact, so many programmers now start with JavaScript because of this simplicity.

Web Page Functionality Extension

Through the use of third-party add-ons, the JavaScript developer can easily write snippets that would be used on any desired web page. The amount of functionality that can be added to a web page is huge. JavaScript reached a level at which the coder can create valuable business environments that are highly effective in making online sales or just some graphical effects modifications that would make user experience more enjoyable.

Simple Implementation

There are other programming languages that are simple to learn but few are simple to implement. JavaScript is actually one of the simplest since development teams get to use the exact same language both in the back end and the front end.

It needs to be added that you do not need to use special editors and compilers. Developers can simply open a free text editor, their browser and JavaScript code can be created, tested and implemented. JavaScript is one of the most inexpensive languages out there, thus also minimizing costs for those that need work done. Developers can find jobs faster as they do not need to invest in software and clients get to pay less.

Relative Speed

JavaScript is preferred by many developers because of how fast it can be for end users. For instance, a visitor does not need to fill out the entire form, submit it and then be told that a typo was made. JavaScript can automatically validate all fields and let users know if errors are detected, all in real-time. Also, loading speed is faster than ever.

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