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It is easy to build an effective SEO campaign by banking on the prowess of Joomla

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Judith Henderson
April 17, 2018

Judith Henderson

Judith Henderson is a Joomla developer and enjoyed her stints of working with various SEO companies including Boston MA. She has been the brain behind several SEO projects that have benefited from her advice. She is fond of music and is a trained musician who loves to play the violin.

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If you want to know the recipe for success in search engine optimization efforts, then you must primarily create a high-quality website that is also highly attractive to viewers.  Equally important is to publish a steady stream of high-quality content on the website that helps to infuse the best practices in SEO into the marketing campaign. Having done it, you are sure of moving in the right direction that can lead to success. For creating an attractive and highly functional website, you can depend on Joomla, a prolific content management system that has won accolades. The open source CMS has given good support to many successful SEO campaigns, and you could be the next beneficiary in the list under the guidance of the experts at Boston MA, an SEO company.

The power of creating high performing websites in Joomla originates from the Joomla templates that have contributed immensely to SEO success enjoyed by several organizations across the world. To know more about the prowess of Joomla and to understand its features and inherent high points, keep reading this article.

A first glance at Joomla

Joomla has evolved and we have come across several versions of the CMS that has proven its capabilities in upholding SEO to support the needs of online marketers.  Starting from Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7 today we have the latest version Joomla 3.8.5 released just in February 2018.  That Joomla and SEO go hand in hand is evident from the very beginning as exemplified by the Metadata options and page display tab in Joomla 1.5.  Further improvements in SEO features were reflected in the option that allows mentioning the page name in the title of the website and visible page heading in Joomla 1.7. The trend continues and contributes to Joomla’s popularity among SEO marketers who have reaped rich dividends by using the CMS. The Joomla templates are quintessential tools that enhance the basic powers of Joomla to create effective online marketing campaigns.

The benefits of Joomla templates

Joomla templates lend more versatility and power to the CMS platform that has enough features to support online marketing campaigns robustly.  While creating websites with Joomla is an exciting experience, the real attraction lies in Joomla templates that allow developers to test the waters before launching sites. In this way, developers can envisage how the website would perform when launched and what kind of response it would likely receive from viewers.  Based on the experience, developers can make suitable changes in the design to make it more efficient in achieving the SEO goals. 

By using Joomla templates that can clone websites, developers are confident about the final quality of the website before launch.  The templates simulate the real site regarding colors, fonts, navigation controls, menu style as well as the background, header and the basic layout of the design so that developers can exactly fathom how good or bad the website is.  SEO friendly templates give the opportunity of creating foolproof websites that perform according to the set objectives.

Work towards a strong SEO

 Once you have created the website, it is time to take measures to ensure that it performs to the desired level of SEO. To make it happen, you have to incorporate elements of on-page optimization as well as off page optimization so that search engines like it. When search engines like some website, it is obvious that users would also find it extremely useful.  By creating high-quality content, that conveys value to users and having well-structured links (internal and external), it is possible to create a lovable website for search engines as well as searchers.

Optimize the menu structure

Create a top-down menu structure and suitably optimize it for supporting the internal links that play a critical role in earning higher page ranks.  Create the link between the featured content and the homepage accordingly so that it allows articles to feature about the link.  Next, create the menu item in a way so that it establishes a link to every parent category.  You can attach the subcategories under the parent category to the submenus.

Present the content in an organized manner

While creating high-quality content is vital for earning good ranks in search results, it matters a lot in the way you present the content.  Follow a logical sequence when presenting content so that viewers find it interesting to read. Break up the content into relevant categories and sub-categories so that you can group it under a broad category that follows a certain hierarchical pattern by taking advantage of the features of Joomla. 

Pay attention to building well structured internal links so that the page rank passes on from one page to another and gives a fillip to SEO.

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