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De-Cluttering The Design of Your Website Can Lead to Better User Satisfaction

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Andrew James
January 09, 2018

Andrew James

Andrew James is an author, columnist and a blogger who writes for various web designing and search engine optimization blogs and websites. He has over five years of experience, and he has long been associated with http://eterpro.com/. Being an avid reader, he has read many books on the industry.

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Web designs are a vital part of your online business strategy. A good web design can go a long in helping your business grow by creating a positive impact on your viewer's mind. A good web design is one that is simple; easy to understand for the viewer, yet it will put across all the essential information about your business out to the audience without seeming to be in their faces. Hover in the process of creating the perfect design for their websites, many business owners end up putting too much information or content in their designs, and as a result, they complicate the whole thing.

De-cluttering your website's design is essential for maintaining and sustaining a good user experience. De-cluttering can even improve the overall conversion rates for your site. In this article, you will learn about some simple methods by which you can de-clutter the web design of your business website.

1. Shorten your copy

Studies have shown that the majority of web users do not patiently read the content on a page and instead they will scan the contents of the pages. Plenty of websites fill their space with unnecessary words, and this messes up the copy of the site. You should try to remove or reduce the content of your page by deleting some amounts of words from your page. Avoid giving unnecessary information and too much detail where it is not required. Use one idea for one paragraph, and it is quite helpful for readers who have the habit of scanning pages. Try to put across crisp sentences, exercise brevity wherever you can. Remove redundant sentences and avoid repeating ideas and putting same or similar information more than once.

2. Remove extra visuals

Many people put in extra visuals to try and make their websites look pretty. Visuals do make a site look good, but too much of anything is bad. Hence, try to locate visual elements which might be not required. Remove those decorations which are not essential or necessary. Removing visual ingredients will not harm a user's experience so do not be skeptical or wary of eliminating visuals when they are not required. What you can do is to try and couple your visuals with your texts so that they seem to work in a cohesive partnership. Do not express the same idea or convey the same message via both text and image, but use them to enhance or support each other. It will save up space.

3. Reuse your design elements

Always consolidate and then reuse your repetitive elements. For example, if you have too many of colors, style, font variations then things are likely to get messy and clumsy. Reuse your design elements to add consistency in your design and this will make your design appear cleaner to your viewers. Never use more than two types of fonts, or colors either. Make sure you put the same fonts for different categories and subcategories because while you keep the fonts same, you can use various color combinations for each of them. It will increase familiarity in the viewer of your page. Inconsistency can result in creating a lot of confusion in the minds of your viewers, and prevent this from happening should always be your priority. Always try to keep the variation in the color combination to a minimum. It will lessen confusion in your viewer's minds.

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Wrapping up

While having an informative web design is essential for your business venture online, but there are many times when people have become overwhelmed with which aspect to put and which one to ignore in their designs. As a result they end up in cluttering their website with much unnecessary stuff and this results in affecting the user experience negatively. Hopefully, from the methods described in this post, you will be able to declutter your web design and thereby help in improving both the user experience and also the usability of your business website. De-cluttering will help the way users interact with your site and enhance its overall look and feel. It will consequently help you attract more viewers to your website, and thus you will reach out to newer audiences. All of these will ultimately result in expanding your business.

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