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Instances Where Social Media Actually Saved the World

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Walter Moore
May 04, 2017

Walter Moore
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The dream of a global village is no longer adream but a reality. Various social media platforms have made this possible. Such platforms include Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest and the numerous blogs found on the internet.

The internet coverage in the world is also increasing tremendously. More than 80% of those who go online go to social media platforms. Most people go for entertainment. Today, an average person is on at least one of the social media sites.

2008 United States Elections

For some, social media is a means to an end. One such instance where social media meant seriousness was during the Barrack Obama campaign in 2008. Obama’s team was active online, reaching out to millions of people. Numerous YouTube videos were sending Obama’smessages to the world. He had millions of followers on Facebook and twitter. Perhaps that was the reason why he won. Again, after elections, he kept Americans posted about his leadership through twitter.

2010 Haiti Earthquake

The role of social media in communication became even clearer during the 2010 earthquake that brought Haiti to its knees. During that time, the mainstream media were not operating. The only way the world was updated about the event was through social media. The impact was just credible.

Social media has also been a great tool for mobilization of people. This could be for numerous reasons. One of the reasons could be charity. Actually, after the earthquake in Haiti, thousands of people the world over were requested to contribute whatever they could raise to help the victims of the catastrophe.

Throbbing Businesses

The online community forms a large pool of clients and potential clients for business owners. It is for this reason that most people choose to market online. Marketing on Facebook, for example, can have a huge impact on your business. You get to reach a large number of people within a short time at little or no cost at all.

Success in social media depends on the number of people that actively engage with you. This can be reflected in the number of followers, likes on your posts or the number of comments. For businesses, the number of real Instagram likes could sometimes directly affect online sales. Many likes would mean many people are satisfied with the product. It is no wonder most people invest heavily in social media to help grow their businesses.

On Instagram, where you get to posts videos and photos, there is a product calledLike4like. This helps you to get free real likes on Instagram. The higher the number of likes, the more people will believe in what you do. Actually, most companies hire people who have many followers on social media to help them promote their products.


Since social media is here to stay, it is important to find a way to integrate it in your daily activities. Businesses that are not actively engaged in social media are well on their way to extinction. This is the reason why corporates are not only leaving their telephone contacts, but also Facebookpages, twitter handles, and Instagram accounts to help them interact more with their consumers.

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