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Why Cloud Computing Is Crucial For Your Business Success

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James Helliwell
February 02, 2017

James Helliwell
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The excitement that surrounds cloud hosting can be overwhelming. But there is a good reason for it.

Technological advancement means that we are moving away from the traditional web hosting protocols. Hosting companies are revamping their architecture and moving along with the tides of innovation.

Gone are the days when you had to keep a storeroom for hard discs and drives. Cloud hosting differs from traditional web hosting. In that, you don’t need physical hardware to store your data.

Everything is held online through virtual machines. It maximizes the use of the internet. It runs on a host of interconnected servers in a cloud, making it possible to receive data on demand.

Cloud computing offers some crucial advantages over traditional web hosting.

1. Scalability and flexibility

Cloud computing is highly flexible. Even when one server fails, you will not feel the impact because other servers will automatically cover up and secure your website from experiencing hardware failure and the resulting downtime that plagues physical servers.

Also, as your website grows and the data requirements increase due to traffic, the server will expand to cater for your data needs. With physical servers, you may have to worry about available disc space.

Since the servers are all connected over the internet, it is possible for your website users to request data not available on your server and get it on demand as it will be fetched from other connected servers.

This means that you will not run out of resources for your website as you can pull from a plethora of available online resources with cloud servers.

2. Cost effectiveness

Cloud computing is cost effective. There is no need to spend extra funds on securing physical servers and hiring lots of IT gurus to operate and maintain them.

You will have no wasted capacity. As a client, you will only pay for what you use and your costs will increase or decrease in response to the amount of data your website consumes.

Also, you will get to choose from at least three subscription packages. This means that you get cloud hosting at affordable rates which fit within your budget at Umbrellar Cloud Hosting.

3. Security

Hardware failure can cost your company a lot of cash. This is a major challenge facing the physical web hosting. If you lose your computer or it crashes, some highly important documents and information may be lost and become unrecoverable.

Cloud computing helps you to store all your data online. Also, there is no limit to the capacity – it is as spacious as the cloud. Your back-up and data recovery worries are completely eliminated so you can focus on productive steps to move your business forward.

4. 24/7 access from anywhere

Cloud computing is done over the internet, meaning that you can access your data from anywhere in the world and at any time.

This is even more appealing if you have employees in several remote locations. You can effortlessly share documents and important information with them over the cloud servers and offer them flexible working hours.

However, there are some important factors to consider before choosing your cloud hosting provider. These include technical support, track record of quality service delivery, security and the suitability of their services to your business needs.

To eliminate those concerns, you can contact Umbrellar Cloud Hosting to “manage all your needs as a modern company in the digital age.”

Cloud computing is the future, and soon, nobody will need physical servers and hardware anymore. The potential is enormous, and you should consider jumping on the bandwagon now.

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