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Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

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Derek Iwasiuk
August 23, 2016

Derek Iwasiuk

Derek Iwasiuk run's national digital search engine optimization firm has its headquarters in Minneapolis. You can also follow him on twitter @Diwasiuk and find out more about best LA SEO services.

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What is SEO? What does SEO entail? These are some questions that most people ask themselves without finding the right answers. To begin with, SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and it can be described as the process of getting traffic from the search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These search engines have primary search results where the contents of the Web in websites such as videos and web pages are ranked according to what the search engine considers relevant to the users.

  • Do you need SEO?

If you run a business or manage one, you understand how important it is to be readily and easily available when potential customers are out looking for you. This is the logic that will help you understand if you need SEO. Look at it this way, consumers on the web are looking for services and goods that you provide but cannot get you when they search on the Web. That does not sound like an outcome thing any business would want.

From the illustration above, you will need to be easily found on the web and that is why you need SEO. In simpler terms, SEO will enable you to easily connect with potential customers searching for your products or services on the web and aid in turning them into customers. Every business should have a plan to promote their services and goods and get new clients. New Jersey SEO is one of the SEOs that aim at giving you the best SEO services.

After that has been said, it is will be unfair to finish my article without talking about the services provided by the SEO companies. The underlying goal of search engine optimization should be to provide the most relevant content for every web search. Some of the SEO services you will get are well described below:

  • Keyword Research

One of the core strategies of search engine optimization is keyword research and selection. The target is to find the right key words and the phrases that have a large volume of traffic, commercial orientation as well as being competitively reachable at the current level of your site’s ranking and the authority your website commands. This involves the study of the exact keywords that users on the web will use to search for your goods and services on the web, and actually having them in your web pages to be easily detected by the search engines.

  • SEO consultation

SEO consultants are specialists who are concerned with the optimization of websites. They are mandated and well trained to keep in touch with the clients at every time and implement campaigns. They therefore are responsible for updating the clients about the progress the SEO company is making in improving the rankings of their respective sites. This tells you that the tasks carried out by the experts vary from one organization to another.

However, there are basic tasks that most SEO consultants carry out to ensure the optimization of your website, and they include:

  • Carrying out the complete analysis of the very infrastructure of your website and internalizing every concept about it
  • Reviewing the contents of your existing web pages
  • Intensive and extensive analysis of conversion on your website
  • Close study of your competitors and understanding how they operate
  • Performing analysis on the link profile of your website


  • Link Building

Another key specialization of SEO companies is link building, which is the off page optimization. This service can be outsourced or provided directly by the SEO company. The importance of link building is that the back links to your website act as validations. The search engines use these validations as ‘votes’ to give your website a better ranking on the Web. It is the work of the well trained experts working in the SEO companies to build a link for your website to achieve the best ranking.

  • Web Design

Another bunch of experts found under the roof of a SEO company is the web designers. This lot of experts has specialized in designing your website to not only fit your expectations but also achieve greatness. They will literally create a website for you touching on the finer details to make it look and feel attractive. While they make your website attractive, their main goal will be to ensure that your website generates traffic and has a high conversion rate.

One of the examples of the tasks that web designers undertake is creating a very attractive and efficient logo for your business that suits what you do as well as being relevant to the goals you set for your business. The good thing about all these is that your opinion and idea about what you actually want for your website is taken into consideration through regular communication with the design team.

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